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Moving Mates Scholarship

Are you a bright student in search of financial aid to support your academic journey? Look no further! Our scholarship program is designed to empower ambitious learners like you. We understand the importance of education and the challenges of funding it, which is why we are committed to providing financial assistance to help you unlock your full potential and achieve your educational goals.

Scholarship overview

If you are a bright student seeking a scholarship, we encourage you to apply. Moving Mates is offering a scholarship worth $3,000 annually for one successful applicant, a talented student who needs financial support for their studies.


Step 1

Review the eligibility requirements and then follow the instructions provided below.

Step 2

Submit your scholarship application by the deadline for prompt review.

Step 3

We will carefully review all scholarship applications and choose one student who will be awarded $3,000.

Moving Mates provides a scholarship of $3,000 to a deserving student

As a top removal company in Australia, we must stay flexible to societal changes, keep up with people’s living situations, and stay informed about trends impacting the moving business.

To stay informed about societal changes, applicants must research these trends.
At the same time, we understand that students encounter various obstacles, such as covering tuition costs and meeting their basic needs. We consider students critical players in shaping our society’s future and aim to support them in their endeavours by providing this scholarship.

Supporting students with their studies and living costs has been an excellent way for us to give back to the community, especially considering our past success.

We wish all applicants good luck and are excited to receive your submission.

How to Apply

We want you to write a 2,000-word essay about your research on the future of living arrangements in our society and how it will impact the relocation industry. As part of your submission, please also create a 3-minute video to share your findings and opinions.

Consider incorporating these suggestions in your essay and video:

  • Analyse statistical trends comparing living in metropolitan areas to living in rural areas.
  • Research to determine the frequency of people moving to new homes and the distance of their relocations.
  • Search for details regarding local moves within a region, moving across state lines, and relocating internationally.
  • Analyse shifts in home ownership vs. renting
  • Investigate how people choose to relocate (moving services vs hiring a truck, etc.).
  • Trends on what people expect from a removal service.

As a leading removalist in Sydney, Canberra and other Australian cities, we are interested in the future of housing and its impact on our business and the community. That’s why this topic is relevant to us.

The suggestions mentioned are not the only options available. You have complete freedom to choose any topic that satisfies the provided criteria.

Who is Eligible

To be eligible for our scholarships, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must currently enrol in a high school, college, or university.
  • Students from Australia, the USA, Canada, and Europe are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Full-time students who have been successful in their application need to provide a copy of their enrolment as proof.
  • Incomplete applications or submissions that are plagiarised may be rejected.
  • The use of Chat-GPT or other AI writing tools are strictly prohibited.
  • Submissions should be in English for both essays and videos.
  • We can reuse and post any sent material on our website and social media platforms.
  • We may cancel your scholarship submission and award if you violate our terms.

Submission Deadline & Award Details

  • The scholarship will be awarded annually on 31st July of each year.
  • Submit your essay and video before 30th June.
  • Send your essay and video to movingmatesremovals[at]gmail.com.
  • The winners will receive an email notification.
  • We may only respond to successful applicants due to the high volume of applications.

Wishing everyone good luck and thanking you all in advance for taking part.

Contact Moving Mates

Do you have any questions about our Moving Mates scholarship? If you do, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 1300 654 187

Email: movingmatesremovals[at]gmail.com