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In this article, we show you residential moving out tips that will avoid headaches and make all the difference. Follow us!

You have chosen the new home and are eager to make the change and start another phase in your life. The big question is how to stay organized during the residential move. We know how laborious this process can be without proper care.

How to Organize a Residential Change

In order for residential relocation to take place in a quiet and unhurried way, the organization begins well before the day of moving the furniture. Planning is essential to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

About a month before, set the dates for hiring staff for change, power outage, change of address for correspondence, among others. Also, schedule work slacks to be present on the day, set the date and make budgets for the shuttle service.

Before the move out

1. Organize the packaging

This is certainly the most tiring part, but do not let this process be disorganized. You will be thankful that you have not done it in a hurried and careless way. And believe me, this is a strategic point almost at the time of organizing change.

Have many cardboard boxes in hand. Stores and supermarkets always have cardboard boxes for recycling. In these places, you can get all you need. The positive part of that moment is being able to separate objects for donation, items that have been in storage for some time and you no longer remember them. Once done, have pen in hand to label all boxes and crepe tape to seal them.

The ideal is to make the packaging comfortable to comfortable. That way, you’ll know where each box in the new house should stay, and not accumulate so many volumes in one place in the old house.

Describe on the label what goes inside each box, and no “closet objects”. Unforeseen happens and sometimes, before the move out, you may need an important object that you did not leave outside and you have no idea where they are.

2. Handle cartons

Load heavy boxes awkwardly and at risk of falling ever again! For convenience and fast loading, use this tip in all cartons, even the heaviest ones. With a stylus make an opening on the sides of the box in the shape of an inverted triangle or round, to fit your hands. This will give you firmness when carrying the boxes from side to side.

3. Use trash bags

Another way to have practicality at the time of residential change is to not use cardboard boxes for everything. Something simple, fast and works great is to use garbage bags for light items or fabrics like pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, cushions and sheets.

Garbage bags are sturdy and you will have no trouble carrying them since they are light due to what goes inside. Use them at ease! You can also use some of these sheets, towels and blankets to wrap glass items before putting them in the box. Certainly there will be more security and the probability of breaking the pieces will be very small.

4. Take pictures of cables and their connections

When you turn off your computer, TV, stereo, and any other home electronics, take pictures of all the connectors on the wires. There are many appliances and many times the cables are very similar. Taking a photo of where each cable was connected will make it much easier to reconnect later.

5. Measure the furniture and main points of the new house

If you loved the space you have in your new home or apartment and have already thought about where each item will be, measure everything! You can imagine a sofa or a bookcase in certain places, but the exact measurements will make you do not worry if something will fit or not.

Measure even the doorways to know eventually which furniture may not pass through some doors. A good tip is to mark with crepe tape the place where you will place each piece of furniture. In this way, shippers will know exactly where to put the various items of the house, in an organized way.

6. Let people know about correspondence

Something that is often overlooked by many at the time of residential move out is the communication about the change of address. It seems simple and a bit insignificant, however, disregarding this point can bring several hassles.
Cards, invoices and correspondence from your bank, health plan, among others, can stand for some time in your old mailbox, forcing you to issue a duplicate of multiple accounts and even pay a fine for delays.

Do not leave it for later! Notify your bank and other establishments that send correspondence on a regular basis. You will notice how very comfortable it is to receive your documents in the new home without stressing it over.

Now that you have the complete checklist to organize your home relocation, begin the preparations to complete it in a safe and practical way. And be sure to share these organizing tips with your friends!

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