8 Tips how to move to another house without stress - Moving Mates

Moving to another house can be stressful situation for everyone, but here, there are a few simple tips to make the process cheaper and easier.

1. Stuffed toys helps a lot

You can arrange a bag with pillows, blankets and stuffed toys and put inside a box with breakable things. This can prevent fragile items breaking.

2. Take a picture from your cables

Before you disconnect cables from your electronic devices, you would take a picture. This simple process will help in the future and prevents any headache installing everything again.

3. Use hygienic papers rolls

A nice way to organize your electronic devices, like cables and connectors, is keeping everything inside hygienic papers rolls, and you can sign the rolls with a simple writing outside.

4. Make your first night kit box

Who has already moved, knows that the first night can be a little complicated. Well, to solve this problem the best idea is to prepare a first night box. You should fill this box with: toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, cup, plate, spoon, fork, knife, flashlight, towel, bed linen, change of clean clothes, slippers, wallet with documents and money.

5. Arrange the screws

Put all your screws inside bags, but don’t forget to keep them separated and identified.

6. Always keep a tool box close.

Probably you will need to assemble or disassemble a lot of furniture, but sometimes you can have an unexpected situation. Don’t forget that we from Fast Movers have a tool box with us, but we never say no to another tool box. :‐)

7. Use your things like packaging

You can use your kitchen gloves to keep the cutlery, fill your microwave with other things (don’t forget to use a bubble wrap to keep the material protected).

8. Identify everything with colors

To streamline the organization process in your new house, write in the boxes with a big pen (or colors stickers) the name of the room where the box must go, identify the box if the content is fragile, and don’t forget to use big letters and different colors for witch room everything goes.

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