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Planning to move? 7 packing tips to get you sorted

After having a hard time deciding whether to upgrade or downsize your home, you finally found your dream home. You’ve been counting the days till you pack your bags and say adios to your old place and head straight to the new area you plan to call home. What you probably didn’t anticipate is how hectic the process of moving would be.

Whether you are moving from one country to another or down the street, moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The secret lies in planning early and knowing how to pack your stuff while avoiding common mistakes. And although having a moving checklist is vital, knowing how to pack things would make you’re moving easier.

To give you a hand, here are seven packing tips to make your moving process smooth and swift.

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Packing tips #1: Find the right size boxes

It helps to have different size boxes to pack items. For example, books and other small stuff like keys, lighters, and openers can go in small containers. Alternatively, heavy blankets, Curtains, rugs, and winter shoes can fit better in the larger boxes. And if you are transporting a TV, then it’s better to have a much bigger or a customised one.

If you’ll be loading the moving truck yourself, minimize the risk of destroying your belongings by packing the heavier boxes at the bottom and towards the front of the car. The lighter parcels can go on top of the heavy boxes or fit at the centre or other empty spaces inside the truck.

Packing tips #2: The earlier, the better

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing your stuff. This is how your property ends up in trash bags, suitcases, or makeshift bedsheet bags. When you pack your possessions in advance, your move will be as easy as 1,2,3.

Plan to start arranging your stuff in plastic or cardboard boxes at least two or three months in advance. Start by putting aside things like books and off-season belongings that you wouldn’t need to retrieve before settling in your new home.

Packing tips #3: Throw out the clutter

Most people can admit to having a ton of clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, and other household stuff that they don’t need. The rule of thumb is, if you haven’t touched it in three months to a year, it needs to go. Don’t be a hoarder. Rubbish removalists can be handy! Especially when you’re moving your refrigerator, it needs to be cleared out.

You’d be surprised at how easy it will be to move once you give away or throw out the possessions you don’t need. Not only will you effortlessly pack your stuff, but you’ll also have an easy time unpacking and settling in your new place.

Packing tips #4: No empty spaces

When you pack all your stuff in a box, and yet there’s still a tiny space left, don’t seal the package. Instead, use clothing or towels to fill in the margins. This way, the items inside the boxes do not suffer damage regardless of how fast or bumpy the ride to your new place is.

Packing tips #5: Do not mix items

All you think about when packing is to get everything in boxes and be well on your way. However, it’s advisable to think about ways you can make the unpacking process easier for yourself. How? By avoiding mixing stuff from different rooms.

Finish packing stuff from your living room without heading to the kitchen and getting even more stuff. Be sure to label the boxes to know which packages go in certain rooms throughout your house.

In addition, number your boxes so that you know how many boxes you have in total. Then, when a box or two get misplaced, it becomes easy to track it and the items inside it down.


Packing tips #6: Seal your boxes properly

Of all moving and house packing tips, the most important is sealing. If you are using cardboard boxes, use strong tape to seal the openings. Next, close the top seams and the bottom seams of each box by wrapping around the box with tape several times.

Focus on the areas of your box where there’s more stress. If necessary, add more tape to secure the position. After all, you don’t want your packages to inconveniently bust open and leave all your items scattered all over the ground.

Packing tips #7: Special packaging for delicate items

Here, the kitchen comes into focus as this is where sharp objects, electronics, and breakable stuff comes from. To keep everything safe and intact, packing paper plays a significant role.

Wrap packing paper around cups, plates, and other glass or ceramic cutlery. Arrange everything carefully and tightly so that nothing knocks against the next item. If necessary, insert a piece of cardboard to divide the space inside the box and offer more protection to keep your things from shattering.

If you are packing plants for moving, you can cover their delicate pots with bubble wrap, allowing the plants to remain visible. Ensure adequate airflow by creating air holes on the sides and top of the box. Gently position your plants inside. Use fragile tape or stickers to label the box, and remember to indicate the top with an upward arrow.

Above are excellent pro packing tips for moving day to ascertain that your items leave your current home and get to your new home in one piece. Feel free to seek assistance or packing advice from your trustworthy movers should you encounter an issue.

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